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We Adore You

We Adore you 1. We Adore You
St. Francis: Testament 5.0 (4.00)
2. Daily He Comes
St. Francis: Admonition 1 (2.50)
3. Let The Whole World Tremble
St. Francis: Letter to the Entire Order vv 26-29 (3.30)
4. Gaze Upon the Lord
St. Clare: 2nd. Letter to St. Agnes (5.00)
5. O How Wonderful
St. Francis: 1st. Letter to the Faithful 11-13 (4.27)
6. Most Holy Father
St. Francis: Prayer inspired by the Our Father (4.40)
7. Happy Are We
St. Clare: 4th Letter to St. Agnes (4.36)
8. Thanksgiving
St. Clare: Process 3:24; 3rd. Letter to St. Agnes (4.07)
9. Look, Look on Jesus
St. Clare: 4th. Letter to St. Agnes (3.50)
10. With All The Love My Heart Can Hold
St. Francis: Letter to the Entire Order(4.32)



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